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Alpinist & 

Ski Mountaineer

My name is Janelle Smiley. I believe we all have a divine spark in us, and it is our role to live that out in a way that serves others. 


I was born in the Rocky mountains of Colorado, and they are a part of who I am. Moving within their magnificence allows me to walk the line of feeling small, yet empowered. The rawness of the mountains brings transformation quickly. They have forced me to push through obstacles and overcome fear, revealing the depth of my perseverance and courage. 

Though my career as an mountain athlete I have faced challenges that forced me to come up against debilitating fear. I have walked the fine line of life and death and I have come to know what it is like to truly live.

I recognize the power we have to influence others when we come alive using our developed and innate gifts. I have spent my career engaging my curiosity of human potential and I want to help you discover yours. Nothing brings me joy like watching someone fully recognize their seemingly hidden talents and come alive.

Athletic Accomplishments


- First Female to Traverse the Alps Range on Skis in a record time of 36 days

- First female ski descent, Mount Saint Elias, AK Sea to Summit to Sea

- First female ski descent with partner Mereidth Edwards NE Snowfield on Mt Owen, Tetons, WY

- First ski descent, Huandoy East (6000m), Peru

Ski Racing

- 5x National Ski Mountaineering Champion. 

- 2x North American Ski Mountaineering Champion

- Swiss National Teams Champion 


- First female ascent of the South Face of Mount Waddingtion, BC, Canada

- First team to climb on all 50 Classic Climbs of North America with 48 summits (2 summits were too dangerous to attempt again due to climate change)



Other Accomplishments

Daughter - Sayla Violet, born 2019

Son - Luka Wyld, born 2021

Ski Mountaineering Racing

Ski Mountaineering in the tetons

Alpinism Cassin Ridge, Denali AK

Awaking your athlete​


Being an athlete is a lifestyle, it is a choice we make. Some people are born with a certain disposition that makes it easier to be an athlete. Some people enjoy the feeling of pushing their bodies others do not. One is not better than the other, but we all need exercise for a Holistic healthy life in a capacity that is motivating and fun.

I hope to inspire you to awaken your greater self through movement in the mountains in which ever capacity you choose.

I desire to dedicate my time and energy to inspire people to be the best version of themselves.  The natural environment assists in the transformational process and its beauty has a powerful way to heal the human spirit.

LIVE Simply a Life extraordinary

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