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Alpinist & 

Ski Mountaineer

Janelle Smiley is a holistic coach and trained Relational Life Therapist who draws on her experience as a professional mountain athlete to help clients unlock their full potential and achieve greater fulfillment in life and love. Janelle understands the importance of mindset, perseverance, and determination in overcoming obstacles and achieving health.

With a deep curiosity about human potential, Janelle helps clients explore their innate talents and overcome limiting beliefs. She uses a range of tools and techniques, including mindful meditation, visualization, and inner child work, to help clients release trauma and find clarity and direction.

In her work with couples, Janelle uses the Relational Life Therapy model to help partners deepen their understanding of each other and develop effective communication and conflict resolution skills. By creating a safe and supportive space for couples to explore their relationship dynamics, Janelle helps them strengthen their connection and overcome challenges together.

Janelle's background as a professional mountain athlete has given her a unique perspective on life and the power of mindset. She understands that health is not just about achieving goals, but also about cultivating a mindset of growth, resilience, and possibility. With Janelle's guidance, clients can learn to overcome limiting beliefs and see the world through a more expansive and empowered lens. By developing a growth-oriented mindset, clients can connect to their inner resources and hidden qualities and live a life of greater purpose, passion, and fulfillment. Janelle is also known for her direct and challenging approach, delivered with love and empathy, when she sees clients getting in their own way.

If you're ready to take your life and relationships to the next level, Janelle Smiley can help guide you on your journey, drawing on her unique perspective as a professional athlete and coach.

Athletic Accomplishments


- First Female to Traverse the Alps Range on Skis in a record time of 36 days

- First female ski descent, Mount Saint Elias, AK Sea to Summit to Sea

- First female ski descent with partner Mereidth Edwards NE Snowfield on Mt Owen, Tetons, WY

- First ski descent, Huandoy East (6000m), Peru

Ski Racing

- 5x National Ski Mountaineering Champion. 

- 2x North American Ski Mountaineering Champion

- Swiss National Teams Champion 


- First female ascent of the South Face of Mount Waddingtion, BC, Canada

- First team to climb on all 50 Classic Climbs of North America with 48 summits (2 summits were too dangerous to attempt again due to climate changes)



Other Accomplishments

Daughter - Sayla Violet, born 2019

Son - Luka Wyld, born 2021

Ski Mountaineering Racing

Ski Mountaineering in the tetons

Alpinism Cassin Ridge, Denali AK

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