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Mindset Development


What is Mindset development coaching?

There will be natural challenges in life, whether they exists externally or internally. It is easy for us to get trapped in our minds with repeating stories that spiral into a debilitating self-destructive habits. We were not designed to live like that. Sometimes our lives look like they are running as smoothly as a fine Swiss watch but inside we feel empty, lost or unloveable or not enough. We were meant to live for so much more. When our internal world matches our external world we are free to be authentically ourselves. 

The natural environment is a fantastic place to hold sessions. It is a place of peace and wonder. Transformation happens in nature constantly and being in its presence gives us permission to do the same.  The expansiveness of the wilderness helps us to feel small and yet empowered at the same time. Its easy to gravitate towards the mountains because of their power to challenge beliefs about ourselves and the world in which I live. 

This program starts with a series of coaching session and finishes with an outdoor adventure. I offer sessions via phone or in person. I offer trips that cover a variety of levels and abilities. They can take the form of hiking/climbing or skinning (ski mountaineering). Exercising your body while simultaneously nourishing your soul. There is so much to be learned from being mindful through movement. Or it can be a challenging and inspiring mulit-day backpacking/climbing trip. Each session is focused on what's important to you and what you want to work on. It is a free-flowing intentional conversation that will allow us to look at what's limiting your ideal life. If you feel you just need a little boost, accountability, or an intentional adventure we can look at the desires in your heart and come up with small attainable steps that will help them become your reality.

I have spent my life overcoming rational and/or irrational fears and limiting beliefs about who I am and what is possible. I continue to put myself in situations that challenge and force me to become the best version of myself. Not all challenges are extreme. Some can be as simple as having that "hard conversation" that feels extremely out of reach.


I want you to  have a life of joy and freedom and everything is connected

As a mindset coach we will work together to peer into the four main components of our makeup - cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We will look at the conscious and the unconscious mind. We will find areas to focus on. Each day may bring up something different or there might be themes that will take a bit of time to unravel. 

Coaching Partnership

Entering into a partnership is a beautiful thing. Whether you want to learn a new skill or just sort out the fabric of your life, I would love to join you on the journey of exploring your internal world.


"Janelle helped me address multiple life changes by setting attainable goals over 6-months of sifting and sitting through many difficult emotions and experiences. I was able to make productive, empowering, clear decisions as Janelle’s intuitive, direct feedback was consistently nonjudgmental and strongly held mirrors of my own patterns and truths that I was ready to see with her support. Working with Janelle was absolutely a positive and transformative experience!"


Ashley F. ER Nurse

"She was VERY positive and yet careful, and kept wonderful energy throughout the entire trip.  I thought it was inspirational to be lead by such an accomplished woman."

E.S Business Owner 

"It is important to settle with a professional guide that is trustworthy, engaged, and always emotionally safe--Janelle knows these is herself and brings them to her profession. Janelle's knowledge and skill which she brings to each encounter are solid, perfected, and tweaked to an individual need"

Kathy W. Midwife

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