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 Couple's Adventure Getaways

Have you dreamed about an adventure with your significant other that included an intentional relational component? Do you have a generally healthy relationship but see areas where there is room for improvement? Then it is time to do a couples adventure. 

Rock Climbing Traverse
 of the Tetons


The North Ridge on the Grand Teton is a spectacular place to climb some amazing 5.7 pitches. The Grand Teton is hands-down my favorite summer time objective in the Tetons. It's got it all, 13 significant peaks, 15K' of climbing, two bivys, and breathtaking views the entire time. 

Check out our latest blog post with a ton of top Traverse images over the years.  


If you are interested in joining my Husband Mark Smiley a full IFMGA certified mountain guide and I, on this amazing journey please be in touch.  If you and your spouse are ready to get sendy together, Mark and I are excited to guide you on this huge objective. We only take couples where both are eager to suffer a bit together. None of this, "oh no sweetheart, you will love it, you'll do great..." You both have to be stoked. Period. 

Canadian Hut Trip 2023 

More details coming soon.....!

The best way to train for a giant European traverse is to go on a Canadian hut trip two we

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